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  1. Hi Wattsy, thanks for the guidance - that´s what I think too - get the one you want(and can afford ) 2 years is a long time for just one bike. By the way, the A2 over here is 47BHP or 35KW so the MT03 has 0.3 too much power!Gutted.
  2. That´s the problem with restricting I suppose. That´s wht the MT03 type engine appeals since it has amazing looks and is just about within the range allowed anyway. A lot of people in Spain are looking at buying much more powerful bikes and restricting them for 2 years until they can drive them fully - and I am not really sure which option is the better.
  3. A question about the MT03 then, can it be adapted to carry luggage, faring (not sure how it´s spelt) etc? If not that´s gonna be a serious negative towards that type of bike since we always carry stuff now - only got a ybr125 at mo and am desperate to upgrade. And as for the engine, if it is the same as the XT - what KW power is it? Any other options anyone can think of?
  4. Looks similar to the new Beemers! Looks a lot more like a bike for carrying pillions which I will be doing - and also lots more storage than the MT. Have to see if they are over here though as I have noticed a lot of bikes in the UK either aren´t sold here or noone buys them. Thanks for the info tho.
  5. Hi all, I love in Spain and am currently doing my bike test here - passed the track test yesterday first time and now only have the road test to go before I can upgrade form a 125. Problem is over here they have introduced the A2 license which only allows a 35 kilowatt bike and it must have a power to wight ratio of 0,2 kW/kilo. So therefore I think the minimum weight must be 175kilos and it can´t be more than 47 BHP. I have seen the MT03 which I love the look of , but there don´t seem to be any other streetbikes that aren´t chopper style that I could look at. Does anyone have any
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. It is the right mirror(if you are sitting on the bike) so if it is CW it´s not working, I might try CCW and see if that works. I´m a bit simple when it comes to all this so thanks little dave, but you lost me after "snugged"
  7. Does anyone know how to tighten the storks?My right mirror has become very very loose and just flaps about in the wind. I haev tried tightening it with a ractchet but due to the way it is bolted in the bolt just turns and turns. Any ideas?It´s very annoying.
  8. No probs Drewpy, I understand. If you had ever lived in Spain , especially Andalucia, you would understand how difficult it is to get things done. Especially when you only have one mode of transport and to leave it in a garage means that you don't know when it will get looked at or even if they will bother at all. All the while you have no means of transport. Then when they do look at it you end up with "buy a new caliper" which costs the third of the bike. And to take it to another garage means more waiting around. To gove you an idea, the last bike I had, was in a garage 9 days before
  9. Calm down calm down, I havet taken it to a mechanic to check remember, and he suggested a new caliper, and it's for that reason I'm trying to work it out myself even though I completely have no clue about this stuff.
  10. May have found where it's coming from but wanted a second opinion. Took the caliper off again and punped the brake until the piston came out about half way, I pulled back the rubber surrounding the piston and it was a little wet on the inside. Knowing that it is the fluid that pushes the piston up, is it normal to be a little wet inside or should it be dry? If so that could explain where it is coming from, especially under pressure travelling at speed I imagine that it could push the fluid out a lot more.
  11. Thanks again for the info. The mechanic suggested replacing the caliper as he couldn't see where it could possible be coming from either. It's very bizarre and am thinking about going to another mechanic - it's just a hassle as it's my only mode of transport and in Spain they take days to do anything.
  12. Thats brilliant Ian, thank you very much for the explanation, it's very clear. Before I start to look at doing this, one thing, the piston is completely clean and all around it's edges also, if oil was coming from there would it not be dirty? Cheers
  13. I have just taken the caliper off the bike and checked it all over and cannot see where this bloody oil,or whatever it is, is coming from. I was hoping that somebody could post a picture pointing out where the seals are that I need to check. The caliper only has the one pipe attached to it which comes from the disk oil box, correct? That seems completely dry on the outside, and inside the caliper there is no immediate suggestion as to where the fluid is coming from....it is all dirty with fluid but not wet. It would be great if someone can put up a picture so that I can eliminate each po
  14. Just to say thanks for the advice guys. I cleaned the breather hole and put a pin in it and stretched it a bit - haven't looked back since and have had no more problems with it. Who would believe something so silly could cause so many problems!
  15. Its very bizarre. I am losing about 130kms a tank, thats a hell of a lot, especially if you multiply it by 10, 100 or 500 fillups, which is easy to do.
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