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  1. Hi folks,

    Update time.

    Its taken a while but i've now got pretty much all the bits i needed for my project (plus some bits i didnt need :) )

    The tank i had sourced was too badly damaged, i wasnt happy with it so I got another one.

    I got time on saturday to remove all the plastics and replace the tank.

    Fresh tank of fuel & bang - it fired! It was still on the old plugs as it needs a peculiar size plug socket (now ordered) so I'm hoping it'll start and run smoothly on the new plugs.

    Disassembly so far has, as expected, uncovered a few gremlins.

    Lots of silicone pumped around connections on the voltage regulator & a splattering of exhaust putty on the silencer. But i'll get that sorted.

    Updated pics from saturday:-



    Interestingly, I checked out the bodywork manufacturers website (K-Conversions) & spotted a used bike they have for sale. Identical to my bike, except their paintwork is in good shape.



    Scary thing is their price - $4995 !!

    Next step is plug change, then oil & filter change.

    Finish realigning the fairings then begin the disassembly process.

    I'll try my besy to keep this thread updated when i can.

  2. Been plundering through eBay looking for parts for my project.

    Spotted some nice delkevic footrests, was about to click the Buy-It-Now when I noticed his shipping cost of £5.95 was mainland UK only. Shipping to NI was gonna be £19.99!!

    What a rip off. I've posted much bigger items (like plastics off Juniors PW50) from here to mainland, 1st class recorded for £5.

    I actually contacted the seller to ask how he justified his costs, got a reply today after a week - telling me not to contact him again!!! Lol

    Rant over, normal service will now continue :)

  3. Update number 1!

    Have ordered a pro-bolt screen kit plus a full stainless nut/bolt/washer kit for pretty much the whole bike. Obviously not gonna replace everything but they're always handy to have.

    Gonna resist the tear-it-apart temptation, bought some Muc-Off & degreaser, and a vast array of brushes. Gonna scrub as it sits and make/modify the fairing brackets etc where necessary now before I dismantle.

  4. Hi folks.

    As promised, heres the start of my project thread.

    I've had the notion for a project for a while, and having always had a soft spot for 400s, I couldnt resist this when i spotted it.

    Its a 1992 (according to the logbook) Honda VFR400 NC30.

    I believe the bodywork to be a Tyga fairing, either Tyga or K-Conversions seat unit & exhaust.





    Heres a pic of the new addition & its stablemate, it feels like a feather compared to the VTR!!


    The bodywork is all pretty sound. Theres a few minor bits needing attention, like where the mirrors were bolted on.

    Bike is turning over freely but has stood for a few years so i'm hoping that fresh fuel, clean plugs & maybe degunked carbs will get it fired up.

    Fuel tank is a plastic replacement, i intend to get an original replacement again as inside of plastic one seems to have deteriorated.

    To-do list is (at present) as follows:-

    Source tank & replace current. (tank already found in local breaker)

    Fresh filters, fuel, oil & plugs. (filter bought today)

    L/H switchgear needs replaces (headlight switch broken off) (has been sourced in local breakers)

    Strip everything & give it a dam good clean!

    Powder coat / polish any bits i decide need done.

    Rear brake disc replaced, check seals in calipers (front brake working well)

    Check fork seals / service forks if needed.

    Remove those awful rear indicators, fill holes in seat unit.

    Get custom tail tidy made & add different rear indicators (new indicators bought today)

    Also think i'll design/model a custom top yoke & get it made too. (its handy having mates who own engineering firms!!)

    Electrics need attention (headlights & indicators), but i have an autospark friend who'll make short work of that.

    Make slightly different bracketry for belly pan

    Paint the whole thing in my chosen colours.

    Sounds like a lot of work as i type it! But i'm confident that its all reasonably manageable, think it has potential to be a nice wee bike!

    Original idea was to go black/white, but since decided i want to try something similar to TT Legends bikes (see below).



    Sorry for waffling on! I'll try my best to keep you posted as i progress.

  5. Woohoo!!

    It's home!! Been a long day & lots of miles but think itll be worth it in the end.

    Needs mainly cosmetic work & the usual stuff you'd expect from sitting.

    I'll take some pics tomorrow in the daylight & start a project thread.

    Time for pizza and beer....

  6. Dont worry Vic

    You can use the time to tidy the shed and have it ready for full on Project NC 30

    Funny u should mention it, shed got reworked on Thursday!! Lol.

    Trying to resist the temptation to buy bits off eBay before it arrives, just incase somethin goes tits up. Even sent the guy an extra deposit to prove I'm not a time waster.

  7. good buy Vic " i can see it now ,, red/white/blue . white wheels , single sided swinger ,,,, will be the dogs " :doggy:

    Thanks, at the minute I'm thinking White & black (will post a pic later) with subtle hints of carbon fibre (real stuff not the vinyl shite) but as with all projects these ideas could change!!

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