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    originally from a womb ,,,, u jealous????
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  1. ok which wise guy/gurl changed my signature to mozzys big sis is on the lookout for a man or wotever it says ,, rofl,,,, it aint tru,, i dont want a new man,, but who said i cant window shop by the way,,, if u want some gossip about tom scroll down his willy is 2 inches wen fully erect
  2. danithebabe

    ive been conned

    tom,, it doesnt usually take a prock very long to realise he is one,, im just surprised it took u 20 years lol,,,, hahaha i love u really,,, even tho u r a lil bit loony sumtimes
  3. danithebabe

    hey eddieirish

    tom, cud it be, is it tru, ur sense of humour must be dying
  4. danithebabe

    hey eddieirish

    ok i had a look,, but they all look borin,, na i think i will stick to my platinum rampant rabbit,,, and my others,, cos mine all look much better than the crap on e-bay altho i am interested in the butt plug, i think scott might njoy it
  5. danithebabe

    hey eddieirish

    oh well if thatss the case it explains alot, americans are stupid ass punks anyway they all think they know whats best bunch of arrogant gits
  6. danithebabe

    hey eddieirish

    lol is he really that bad,,, that makes me wonna ncounter the twat even more id have to embarrase him tho and it would happen
  7. lmao u seem quite the party villan,,, my kinda m8,,, i think i know now the wine u r on about, rectangleish box with a outlet nozzle on it,, yeh i know them,, tell me sum stories
  8. a square box????????/ lol u idiot sounds fun
  9. danithebabe

    hey eddieirish

    im still waitin to encounter this nerd, maybe he crashed n died
  10. that is so tru,, its ok,, but its nice to have ya fave too tho innit
  11. aw yeah cappy morgans is niceeeeee too, i like that with cock
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