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  1. Hey, can someone please help ? I was wondering if any other bike engines are compatible with a 1990 FZR1000 ? other brands or other Yamahas ? thanks.
  2. fizzer1

    My bike

    Daaaannnngggg sweeet ride !!!!!!!!!
  3. I haven't stopped by in a while been to busy with work and my FZR1000 and welcome to the new people in the forum, everyone be safe and enjoy the ride. Lates
  4. fizzer1

    hello people

    Welcome I would like to ride out there in the UK one day, where I live we have three law enforcement agencies in a little town.
  5. She's a beaut ! great choice I had the FJ1100 sold it wish I still had it !
  6. SWEEEET ! looks like she just came out of the factory !!!!!
  7. Hi, did you get this problem fixed ? a simular thing happened when I bought my FZR1000 with the throttle I went to take off the rpm's reved up high and the bike flew out from under me later when I checked the cable there was a bad kink in it and it locked up on me II just glad it was in a residental area and not on the road this was three years ago.
  8. Sweeet bike ! awsomes pics dude !
  9. fizzer1


    Hey! welcome to the forum, I'm a newbie myself and have a 90 FZR1000 and right now throwing YZF750 race bodywork on so good luck hope you find your parts.
  10. Hi, I have 97 but tried to fit on my FZR1000, but failed and the bad news is the dude that was helping me cut them a little I have the tail section, tail light and seat.
  11. Sweeet bike dude, I have an 90 FZR1000 and just put the YZF750 race bodywork on, I don't know how mine will turn out.
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