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  1. Hello mate at the moment there is about 8 /10 going so far.. Check out here
  2. Right here we go.. These times are approx so if your there at the time that would be great....we will wait for 10 minutes or so at each place just in case. Anyone else wants to join us feel free. We are starting at Market Deeping at 9:30 am meeting in the Market Place (town centre). Danish Invader Pub Stamford at 10:00 am on Empingham road. Over to Melton Mowbray at 10:45 am just as we go in on the A606 just after the bridge . On to Loughborough for 11:15 am (Let me know where to meet you). Then over to Sixhills pub where everyone goes 11:45 am. Through Kegworth,Derdy then Matlock....for dinner
  3. Thats ok Jambon you could always come Matlock.
  4. Is there anyone interested in joining us on the way up to Matlock for a ride out,we are leaving from Market Deeping then joining up with some from Stamford on Sunday the 1st of May So if you fancy joining us on the way up feel free to,just let us know just so'd we know... So anyone ?
  5. Just like to say a very big thankyou to Alan and the guys for making a top day,what a ride back lol Nice to meet everyone,must do it again 1 day. Thanks agin.
  6. Well it's NOT raining over here so it'slooking good.
  7. Well just a reminder that it's this Sunday everyone ...so hope i catch you all there...
  8. I hope everyone has not forgot about this meet lol it's going to be a good day out for everyone There is another raffle prize which is a ground anchor plate with chain ....so not bad for nothing.... So i hope to catch you all there next Sunday...if you have any questions just ask
  9. Nice one Alan,be nice to meet you all.... Weather permitting of course
  10. Just to let you all know that Busters have sent me a battery charger for free,so this is the prize and the raffle is free too,for people on bikes... Ill keep ya posted on the meet and any other details.
  11. ****Busters has been going for years mate. They were the original M&P.****Thanks Pete Thats right mate they have,very nice people to deal with.
  12. Thanks i hope you can make it Just a update for ya There will be a free raffle on the day,some companys have gave me some prize's...and the pub will be open for us at 10am and so will the bar. Please check this great bikers shop out busters
  13. Sorry it on a Sunday 3rd of April 2005....
  14. Sorry everyone here are the details :- http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?cli...out.x=7&out.y=8 If your come up/down the A1 to it,just get off at the A606 (Stamford) and your 3 minutes away from the pub. Like i say there is 30/40 coming so far,most of them Suzuki's and Kawasaki's,would love to see some of the Yamaha lads come too.
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