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  1. anyone have the OEM mirror for this bike that would like to sell to me?
  2. I had took my carburator a part for my Yamaha 1989 Radian YX600 and did a deep cleaning. I need the fuel resistance O ring for the needle valve set. that the part where the needle sit in and the float on top of it. Where can I get the fuel resistance O ring ? check yamaha dealer but they only sell the needle valve set for $53.00 each. I dont need the whole set just the O ring. The size of the O ring is : 5/16 x 7/16 need four
  3. This Motorcycle has only 1200 miles and is in excellent condition. I had remove the gas tank and clean it out good and now it like brand new no rust inside. I also had put in new battery and put new gas in it and change oil and oil filter. I also had removed the carburator and clean it . Put everyting back togetther and try to start but it wont start. anyhelp what should I do?
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