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Hi everyone, just thought i would introduce myself and say hello. I'm a recent member of the biking fraternity. At 34 years old and as a life long petrol head i decided three months ago to take the plunge and get my licence. I'm now the proud owner of a '56 plate black FZ6 Fazer. I think it's a good machine to get me started. The whole experience has been very humbling and rewarding, i'm loving it. I have done nearly 3k since the end of July.

I know that many of you will have been riding for a long time and will have vastly superior machinary to me and that's why i will soak up like a sponge any hints or tips anyone can give. I look forward to discussing all things bike and non bike related with you all.


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Hi Steve

I've just joined myself. Like you, early 30's and just started on the bike - passed my test in August!

Loving it although I haven't done as many miles as you though.

Hopefully, I'll learn a few tips from all the people on this forum and enjoy a long biking life!!



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While I was learning we were looking around for bikes and kept going back to the Fazer. The problem I have is when I'm more confident on the bike, my wife wants to accompany me now and again and she has a dodgy knee so we had to find a bike which had lower footpegs. I know what the response will be to that mind!!

Not sure which weekend we're going to the bike show yet - we have a son so can't take him out of school. I want to get a rack for the back and my son wants to get some Rossi stuff so we'll head straight for the Yamaha stand. I'll try and limit myself to some water proof boots aswell but we'll have to see!!

I'd been thinking about learning for a while and am glad I've done it now. I don't know many people with a bike but have been on two ride outs with the person who was learning at the same time as me and it is a completely different experience when you're not just getting to work. A commute is just a commute when you can't venture off anywhere but my first ride with them was belting down with rain and we did about 180 miles in the course of the day stopping regularly for food and beverages - excellent!!

Anyway, happy riding!!


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