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XT1200 vs MT07 Tracer


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I commute about 100 - 200km, but plan to commute 1000 - 2000km (1 - 2 times a year) and need something capable of this. I've been riding a XT660 single cylinder for the last 10 years, but I'm struggling on the highways and mileage I cover with the single. 

My budget currently only allows for either a 2012 XT1200 or a newer lower mileage MT07 Tracer. Reliability is my main concern and I travel on gravel roads for short distances on occasion (farm gravel roads). 


I know the 1200 would be better suited for my needs long term, but will it realistically outlast a MT07 Tracer from a reliability point of view considering it will be 20+ years old within the next 10 years (2012 year model). And will the Tracer 700 be able to ride 120 - 150km p /h for extended periods of time / cover 1000 km one way distance on occasion or will that stress the engine too much as I tend to want to make up time on the open road and know I will go to 150 km/h either way, I just feel the single is working too hard when I do that and recently the engine light started coming on, etc feeling I'm riding it too hard. 

I've also gotten used to the luggage panniers on the XT660Z and can get XT1200 with the same panniers which is a strong driving factor, but not at the cost of reliability with it being potentially 10 year older model than a newer MT 07 Tracer. 

I would look into FJR, etc but I don't tour long distance that much and it will have to be a much higher mileage option / older which puts me off. Also the occasion gravel roads I think will be better covered on a Tracer compared to a lower touring bike perhaps. The MT09 is mostly out of my budget, unless once again an older . high mileage model, but the additional technology puts me off as I mostly self service and looking for a low cost running bike for that reason. 

Any insights appreciated. 

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I run a '96 TDM850 and its taken me everywhere.

Simple to work on and very popular in europe. MT-07 is light and newer and probably my choice.

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