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New Yamaha XSR 125 Legacy strange vibrating noise around 5k revs


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my bike since new has this strange vibrating noise around 5000 rpm when accelerating especially on low gears. Something is rattling. I eliminated most obvious things like: plastic terminal covers on front break handle switch, loose fuse box cover underneath the seat, also under the seat set of Yamaha tools I removed temporarily, starter slide button as well as indicator switch seem wobbly, but I taped it for a ride and that didn't help, I also checked the buzzer. No luck so far, and this noise is pretty annoying.  Motorcycle have only 500km on the clock and in the middle of beak-in process. 

Interestingly on the YouTube review I'd watched before I bought the bike the reviewer mentions about this irritating noise. 

Any advices would be highly appreciated especially from XSR 125 owners. 

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500km on it..?
Have you been keeping to the run in process?
Check your chain tension (initial stretch), you get all sorts of wierd crap happening when your chain is loose.

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Run in process allows up to 5000 revs that is why it was so apparent.

The problem was a nut on a mirror bracket. There are actually two nuts that keep the bracket in position. The top one, contra-nut was loose and it was vibrating at 5k revs. All it was. 


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Lol... :D

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