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Hi Everyone,

I am in my sixties and have three bikes:  RT1200 (2010) - Honda VFR F 750 (1996) and.. a Yamaha YBR125 ED (2007).

I have joined because that last one, the Yam, is causing me all the grief at the moment. After a prolonged period of being stored in a cold lock up, I pulled it out and started to get it started. I am still at it a week later.  Here is what I have done:

1 Ignition barrel contacts dodgy. Pulled it apart, cleaned the contacts and all good.

2.Fuel was v bad.  Drained tank and cleaned it. Fuel pump u/s. New aftermarket one fitted (£21) to the existing sender unit assembly. Tank cleaned and resealed.

3. After this it. ran so I got togged up and went for a ride. Not too far mind.  Just as well I did because it was fine until it cut out abruptly at high revs. Ignition off and back on - started again with the same problem at high revs. After a bit of repetition, it quit all together. Now, having cleaned the injector and checked that it squirts (it does) and poured a bit of fuel in the inlet manifold (where the injector fits) it starts and seems to respond normally to throttle movement until the pool of fuel is used up then dwindles out after a minute or so.

Suspecting insufficient fuel flow, I cleaned the injector. Still the same. I still suspect weak injector pressure (in which case I bought a duff pump) or something else.....?

Anyone got any ideas.

It's a fun little bike which we used for the kids to do their CBT on (and the wife) but it will now only be used by me to run around locally if I can ever get it going. Its in good nick having only done 1600 miles since new.

Cheers all.


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Others will have more useful ideas, but I did find this..:

Yamaha ybr 125 fuel pump - Genuine Yamaha Pump 27S-13907-10 | eBay

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