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Radian newbie...?

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Hello!  Recent member...

Is this the right place for Radian queries!? Please move or redirect if required....

Currently riding a 2010 Triumph Tiger 1050....and enjoy tinkering....will happily take on brakes, bearings, seals, headers etc... but... have had my "head turned" by a lovely imported 1988(?) Radian...  Something I can tinker with at my leisure etc.  Ride around the back roads of Oxfordshire....at the speed limit...looking cool at the lights (well, as cool as a middle aged over weight man can look)!

My question is/are - am I in for a world of pain with a Radian?  Are spares hard to come by?  Is content (online) for help and advice hard to come by? Are they a really poorly built bike with loads of issues, or "bullet proof" as much as any bike can be?

All help, advice, opinions etc welcome!




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Not a clue on reliability, never heard of them before. But E-Bay is your friend most of the time for parts.
Past that there's always Yambits : Yambits - Yamaha Parts

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