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XJ6 Frame number , anyone powder coated a XJ6 frame?

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Hello , 

I am carrying out a rebuild of my 2009 XJ6N and it is stripped down to bare frame .

Frame is rusty on seams and I would like to get it blast cleaned and powder coated. 
There is a white sticker with frame number and other info up near the headstock and a vertical frame number that looks to have a clear sticker protection over it and that is on the head tube itself as I guess you all know if you have one of these or a Yamaha of a similar age. 

 I would like to know if the clear sticker is actually protecting a number stamped into the frame or is it a clear resin type sticker with frame number within? 
Obviously I would rather not loose either set of numbers when it is blast cleaned of paint but if the vertical one is stamped into the frame I am not so concerned . 
Yamaha are of no help.
Has anyone powder coated there frame ? 



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The vertical one will be stamped. Shot blasting shouldn't hurt it but get your powder coater to mask it off before coating as the powder will fill it.

You can then clear lacquer over the area to protect the bare metal.

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