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So, as has happened often in the past, I've just come across an advert for fairing kits from Aliexpress and wondered if they're any good..?
They SAY it's compression moulded ABS...

For example: "A random option in my Thunderaces colours" get rid of the link if I'm not allowed to post it.


Has anyone in here actually ever bought fairing sets from these people?

Anyone know if it's all just a big scam?

I'm not normally gullible for online stuff, but, damn, I want some new fairings! lol

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Probably not a scam, but I'd expect them to need a lot of fettling to get them to fit. 


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As finnerz says this sort of thing usually needs a fair bit of fettling to get them to fit perfect. As to a scam, who knows nowadays, even real sites have folks attached to them that steal your stuff, sometimes you just have to jump in and see. I did think about buying a similar thing for the FJR but after watching some youtube vids thought better of it, might be an idea to see if other folks on youtube have done it?

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Sometimes, I wonder what Yamaha did with the original moulds!
I wonder if they're in the back of a store room somewhere? lol

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12 hours ago, finnerz89 said:

Probably sold off and then scrapped 

Yes, that's what I'm afraid of... lol

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