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Is it possible to use xvs 1300 egine top end and crank in an xv1100 bottom end/crankcase?


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Is it possible to mate a 1300cc xvs crankshaft, pistons, cylinders, performance cams, and heads to a 1986 Virago 1100cc crank case and put it in a 1982 Yamaha Virago xv920 frame? 

I know it is possible to use a 920cc virago crankcase with the xvs 1100cc crankshaft, rods, pistons, cylinders and 750 virago heads and performance cams for higher compression, and that will get it close to 85-90h.p. on premium. That is my plan as of now. 

However, how close are the crankshaft and top end of the 1300cc xvs to the measurements of the 1100cc xvs components? Specifically height in the frame and will a 1300xvs crankshaft fit an 1100xv crankcase? I would love to put as big of a motor as possible in my '82 920 frame, I have put a lot into the frame already. 

Or should I just bore out my 1100cc cylinders and get high compression forged pistons and rods, an xvs 1100 crank, port and polished xv750cc heads and stage 2 750 cams then live with it?

I was going to have an engine builder build an awesome 95-100h.p. on premium gas but I don't have 5k all at once. I am going to have to build it over time, probably by myself. I have to make something work on a small budget. 

I am already working with someone to develop an external 6th gear or a planetary final drive to get around the gearing limitations.

Any help or experience in this area is much appreciated!  I need precise measurements and experience to help me make these decisions.

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