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xj 600 chop


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Hi I'm looking for some help ! i have just bought a project , its a hard tail chop with a 1995 Xj 600 engine sat in it with the loom  and that's it . I'Ve got it running  and have got a set of 4 into 1 pipes on it now , it starts quite well on choke and will tick mover quite nicely but when you open the throttle it dies /cuts out if you gently open the throttle it will rev sort of but not a clean constant rev ! there are pipes on the carbs which aren't connected to anything  I'm guessing these went to the air box ( i don't have the room for that ) nor have i a fuel pump ,im hoping gravity fed from the new tank will suffice any help would be most helpful as its been 30 odd years since i had a bike and im not used to all this new electrikery on them !

                                                                                                         cheers Gareth


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Welcome to the forum

This part is for introducing yourself, and 'forum help' is to seek help on forum issues.

Can you repost this in the 'projects' area of the forum, you'll get more relevant replies.

Again welcome to the forum, and I hope you get the bike sorted 


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