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Tyre Recommendations for VStar 650 Silverado

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Evenin' all

I realise that this forum seems to have drastically reduced in both audience and participants, but hoping there are enough people left who can weigh in on a tyre recommendation question.

Before Christmas I purchased a 2007 VStar 650 Silverado (American import, obviously). It's currently got Dunlop D404's front and rear (170/80-15 tubed on the rear, and 130/90-16 tubed on the front).

Low mileage, so presumably original tyres. The garage I purchased the bike from told me "The MOT has a warning on the tyres as they're cracked, but there's plenty of tread left on them, just run them 'til the tread wears down" ... At that point all credibility for the garage went out of the window - but she's a very tidy bike, with 100% Yamaha original parts, unmolested in any way shape or form.

Whilst I used to ride all year round, I've got other means now and am going to be an exclusively fair weather rider from here on out - well, as much as possible with the UK weather!

Before the better weather comes, I've been looking around at tyre choices. I've owned 4 or 5 bikes over the last 10 years, but admittedly never been actively riding for long enough on any of them to need to replace the tyres.

So I'm after some advice on which tyres you'd recommend for exclusively fair weather riding. Am I best just to replace like-for-like, or are there better options?

I'm also playing with the idea of going for whitewalls - if I can find any. I've always liked whitewalls, but never had any. So I'd also be interested in any WW recommendations.



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I've got Michelin Road 5 Tyres on my Thunderace and I love them. You'd have to check if they do them in your size though...

But on further inspection, there appears to be a Michelin Road 6 now which has improved even more!!!

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