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2015 YBR Neutral Switch


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I'm new to bikes so apologies if this seems like a stupid question. The Neutral light on my YBR doesn't come on even when neutral is engaged and it probably just needs replaced. The issue I'm having is, no matter how much I search, I can't find someone simply describing where the neutral switch is on the YBR and I don't really know what I'm looking for. 


Thought it would be very easy to figure out but it doesn't seem to be something anyone is pointing out with clarity. 




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Hi, thanks for your reply. 


I did what you said which was helpful for locating the general area but as they are just vague illustrations it was hard for me to pinpoint exactly what part I'm looking at. 


I will just have to ask someone more knowledgeable than me in person so I can know exactly what I'm looking for. 



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You need to pick up a manual whether it is a cheap Haynes or a full workshop manual. You could probably get an online version, but being an auld fud, I prefer hard copies.

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Really obvious question, have you checked the bulb..?.


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Hi thanks both of you for the info, I'll look at that link you've sent now and hopefully have some luck. Will also look into getting a manual somewhere on eBay. 


The bulb definitely works as well as it comes on intermittently but just isn't consistent at all. So I'm sure it must be a connection.


Thanks again, guys 

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A good manual is invaluable if you plan on getting to know your bike. They are great for building your knowledge, confidence and experience which will be used throughout your biking/motoring life

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