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XT 600 Sludgepump


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Hello all. I’m a newcomer to the club and I’m up for anything XT,bitsa’s like mine,projects and ideas to keep these running/improvement.At the moment I’m wanting to improve the forks and maybe the carb. I’ve had the bike for some years and it was saved from the scrapy. Any one with ideas or experience don’t hesitate to contact me,it’ll be much appreciated. Cheers Smigger




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Looking good bud. A few of the auld heads on here have done a few projects. @ Drewpy one of the moderators has a very detailed thread on his xs flat-tracker, well worth a read  but make sure you have a cuppa with you as you'll lose an hour or so easily.

Whilst yams are my favoured non Brit bike, I'm more a Triumph dude, and have built a couple of auld yins, the last one I done was a 59 Speedtwin, so no thread on here 😐. I have a 75 T160 that is an ongoing labour of love.

Enjoy the forum mate, and remember the more you post, the better the turnover

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28FEE356-5832-4A4A-A5CA-1DBA68EDDCA8.png3ACE38B1-DA7B-4E93-8C31-05806F16D1AD.jpegI’ve got a 1975 H1F and a triumph thruxton ace cafe stage two tuned. I’d love a triton ones for sale now but I’ve spent up for this year lol.Can’t wait to do just a few mods on the xt to better it this year as I may nip to Aragon (Caspe) Spain latter on. I’ve a friend who’s house I share in the uk but he also has a house/ villa on the river Ebro and the roads and lanes are amazing. Let’s see what happens 👍

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