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More than one bike!?


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Is it true that I can't use my no claims on two different bikes?
And yet, it doesn't matter WHICH bike I use it on???

WTF is this craziness??? Surely I've racked up 2 years of no claims no matter what bike insurance it's applied to? I can only ride one damn bike at a time!!!

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You can only use your NCD on one insurance policy. So if you get a multibike, you use it on how ever many that policy covers.

If you had 2 years no claims, and 2 policies, you could use one year on each.

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Yeah, well I'm not going for a multi policy, the only one I've been quoted for was 4 times the amount of doing it separately...

It can't be this hard for normal people!

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7 hours ago, finnerz89 said:

Haha I insure 4 bikes no problem 🙃

How and who with?

And is it cheaper than doing it singly?

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I have classic bike insurance with 3 bikes on it and agreed value inc breakdown.
Its gone expensive now as I pay £170 when it used to be £95 (but that was 10 years ago)

RH insurance 

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I'm with bemoto.

3 on one policy with all my NCD and then another one a separate with mirrored no claims. 

600 all in I think

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