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Any emissions data available for 1995 UK XV250/XVS250/Virago ?

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Without going into convoluted detail, I am thinking of getting my 1995 250 Virago emissions tested to try to use it in Central London. London will be extending the infamous ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone ) to the North and South Circular Roads in October (?) 2021. Bikes not meeting Euro 3 (Nox) standard of 0.15 gm/KM will pay £12.50 per day charge to enter "central" London.  In the UK there appears to be only one company, the National Emissions Test Centre, that can test and quoting their website "Any Motorcycle can be made to meet the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) standard." Now NETC charges £170 to test the bike and probably more to "make the bike compliant". What I want to try and find out is there any reliable data on Virago 250 NOx emissions to help me judge whether my bike has any hope of being made compliant - or whether after shelling out £170 for an emissions test I will be told "sorry mate, your bike is that rare breed that can't be made compliant" or "certainly sir, we can make that adjustment for £500".

The only reason for going through this faff is I bought a second-hand ULEZ complaint scooter for "Central" London, only for it to be stolen 2 weeks after I bought it.





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Considering rd350's pass that test its probably going to be ok. Cannot help further tho.


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