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New Member From London - a question already :)

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Hi guys and girls, hope everyone's ok, keeping safe and only getting dry tarmac :) 

I'm going to trouble you nice people with a random one - security while riding. 

Getting by CBT done at the end of April (depending on the lockdown restrictions of course) and looking to get a 2021 NMAX 125 for commuting twice a week from Richmond to South Quay. 

The thing that worries me a bit is the increase in moped gangs targeting moped riders and motorcyclist in general - is this a thing, have you come across situations like this and how to deal with them? I'm talking here about two scumbags on a scooter, blocking your way and trying to take your bike. 

The 2021 NMAX doesn't have a key anymore so nothing for them to take and was thinking about fitting one of these to the back wheel for quick locking, i.e. jump off the scooter and lock the back wheel. lol. 


Am I being a bit too Mad Max here? 

Thanks for your input. 


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Welcome in,,  it a problem in the big citys,  seen them push guy off his scoot  and take it,,,i"d be wary of pillions on them scoot gangs,,seen to carry hammers too,  glad  am in the sticks, :welcome:

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That lock looks like a good idea, do it!


Other than that, I'd say wear good gear with body armour in it. And gloves with knuckle armour (for obvious reasons)...

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You can get keyless systems and isolators for anything 12v, then if you press a button on a keyfob its dead. 

Wont save you getting robbed and the bike could still get scratched up as they bail but you would not lose it.


Had one on a suzuki i owned, ig switch did nothing it was just a dummy. Am looking at the same for my vmax, this one has a transponder you can fit into your gloves and then you put the receiver wherever you choose. Without the transponder being put in the right place nothing doin.

This kind of thing, Bikermart: MotoGadget m~Lock Contactless Radio Frequency Keyless Ignition Lock, KEYLESS IGNITION

No radio transmitter as such so the villains cannot code grab. I'm only looking at it because the ig is in an utterly stuuuupid place on my vmax. But it could work for you.

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