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Yamaha Aerox 2009 Lights Keep Going Out


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I have a yamaha aerox 50cc 2t liquid cooled and all the lights except brake and indicators keep blowing.


They've been fine but started playing up yesterday. I was about to leave work and it was starting to get dark and no lights were working, checked my indicators, brakes and full beams and the brakes and indicators worked but the full beams didnt. As I was riding along the speedo bulbs went out slowly 1 by 1. They arnt just popped or anything theyre completely melted of and no filament left. I held the brake lever a tiny bit so the brake light would turn on but the brake wouldnt apply and it worked and I got home. Went to work today and put new bulbs in (work at a garage). Since I bought it the lights have been really dim at idle then brighten up when I rev the engine. When I tested them today they wouldn't actually turn on unless I revved it. I revved it about 6000-7000 rpm and held it for about 2 minutes (on the stand) and when I checked the bulbs they had all blown (headlight, rear light, side lights) but the brakes and indicators still worked.

Done some looking at the wiring diagram and from what I can see the headlights, sidelights, speedo lights and rear light bypasses the voltage regulator. But the brake light and indicators don't from what I can see.


There is a resistor but I'm not sure what that really does. Was going to replace the regulator but dont think that has anything to do with it.


https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1102634/Yamaha-Yq50.html?page=153#manual (wiring diagram for if anyone wants to look)


https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1102634/Yamaha-Yq50.html?page=154#manual (lables for wiring diagram)

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Your voltage regulator and or your battery is dead. If your battery is not dead it will be soon. Check your voltage at the battery with it running around 14 is about as high as it should get, maybe 14.5v tops. My dt175 (6v electrics) had a regulator die, blew every bulb and was showing 26v at 7k rpm, yours could easily double that.

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