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97 Yamaha thundercat 600 rear axle problem

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Got this bike in poor condition. While doing the rear brakes and rotors I noticed the wheel alignment was out of wack so I got a manual and it appears I was missing a spacer on the axle. I went on ebay and have received my 3rd. axle . All three are a smaller diameter axle? They were all from various years including 97. Any ideas what the hell is going on? Help !

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If it's anything like a Thunderace, there should only be one option...
I'll look into it when I get home tonight and let you know.

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Don't know the thunder cat per se, but there could be up to 3 spacers.

1 twixt left sprocket carrier and swing arm

1 fits inside the left bearing between sprocket carrier and left hub bearing, looks like a top hat and most peeps throw these away when renewing the bearing as it is drifted into it.

1 in-between the hub bearings

maybe 1 right side which usually is the calliper mount

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Ok, so their appears to be only ONE option (same as the Thunderace).


Original Part Number: 3GM2538119

Replacement Part Number: 3GM-25381-A0


There are 3 spacers (technically 4 (the rear brake calliper bracket is the 4th one)).
Check out the pic I'm attaching, which spacer are you missing? And importantly, are the ones you DO have in the right order?


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I have a similar issue, item 12 is missing in my case. I have bought two spare complete rear wheels (including sprocket carriers) and this collar is missing on both. My question is - is it needed or is it safe to carry on without it?

cheapest replacement I can find is £46 which seems steep for what it is.

if anyone has one kicking around cheap I’d be interested.....

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