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Hi, new member who is looking for his old Radian :-)

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I am new to this forum so want to start by saying Hi 🙂

I live in the London area, London England.

I have owned many bikes over the years and traded in my Yamaha Radian for a new bike around about 2006 and regretted the sale straight away.

I tried to get it back again about 2 weeks later but the dealer had moved it on to a auction and had lost contact with  it 😞

I have been searching the web and notice that it is still MOT'd every year (September) but never seems to get riden  more than 100 miles or so of use each year.

The reg No is C535 FAH, if this is your bike, or if you know of it's whereabout I would like to know 🙂

One day I would like to buy it back, or buy another Radian but they are few and far between,

Here's hoping.

Happy New Year all


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Hope you find it. I had one for 5 years, before I traded it in. Absolutely belting bikes for 80s air cooled. Its been for sale twice since for over twice the money I traded it for, and I came so close to buying it back, but decided against as subsequent owners looked to have neglected it somewhat, and I couldnt afford to buy it and throw money at it again

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