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virago xv535 fuel pump issue


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I have been struggling with some repairs to a bike. mainly the fuelpump does not start running after i turn on the ignition.

The things i have tried is checking the electrical system, and testing different fuelpump relay, the ECU, and diodes, even tested the ignition coils but no budge.

the wire going to the fuel pump is not getting any power when i measure it, now i have 3 fuel pump relays and none of em work so it has to be something else i recon. (or i have 3 faulty relays)

I notice however if i switch the fuel reserve button to on and back that the pin receive 5 volts for 1 second else in every situation its not responding.

the fuel pump is fine its a new one and i tested it previously with a 12 dc alternator.

i saw someone make a similiar post prior to this issue, but before overriding any electrical component i would like to (hopefully) receive some idea on what to do.

Note: The starting mechanism seem to work as i can hear the bike turn over when i press the start button while holding the clutch and have the kickstand upright. but without any fuel in the carborator i cannot start it yet.





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i suspect a corroded connection ,, or break in wire ,,continuity test All   wires ,,you can  squirt some easy start in the airbox, and it should fire, or offer,  this will let you know it is fuel related problem ,

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Try a push button first, press for as long as you think it needs. Go from there. 

Only thing for me is your not actually fixing the problem and that could bite you in the arse later.


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