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Camera ignition live 🙈

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Hi guys, wondering if you can help me. I’ve bought a innovv k2 front and rear camera kit. Fitted it all good except the ignition live.

ive fitted it to my headlight which is on when the bike is running and not(discovered afterwards) just on ignition (not running)1click.

apparently it should just work without touching it once the ignition source is fed to the system. Mine doesn’t even when the bike is running without manually taking off the seat then pushing the on button. Obviously this isn’t the way to go.

My theory is(correct me if I am wrong) is it wouldn’t matter when the ignition source is powered, 1 on ignition or 2 on startup the “power on” should kick in whatever stage the unit is live. Yes I could strip it all down and feed it to an ignition live source but I ain’t sure that’s when the issue is. It’s the box not the power source?

anyone with any help or tips on this would be amazing as I am at my wits end.  Thanks for reading.



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I had a helmet cam that doubled up as a dash cam when you applied charging voltage, but you had to activate that function in the settings.

Maybe yours is set to manual start only? 

Have you tested that there is 12v actually going to the camera?

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Yeah as Finerz said mine is activated via the app on my phone or a button on the top, just read through the Innov website description and your right that it says "always on" but I wonder if in fact you have to actually turn it on via the phone? Most "car" cams can be set to either turn on automaticaly or by physically switching them on, have you checked the phone app to see if it's possible to change the "ON" function for startup? Otherwise a phone call to Innov might be in your future! Sorry best I can come up with.

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