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XVS650A Dragstar Classic - Carb / Air Box Rubbers

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Hi Guys

I've been (very) slowly stripping my 2001 XVS650A Dragstar Classic down to component parts and re-building her. Everything's coming off, being cleaned, polished, repainted, or replaced - now only engine and final drive left on the frame. On taking the air box apart this evening, I noticed that the 2 rubber elbows that sit inside the air box and attach to the top of the carbs have a semi-solid brownish "seal" around them, underneath the green metal retaining plate. (Turn your air box over, and you'll see the plate).

Doesn't look to me like a proper seal - more like something's leaked around the rubbers and sorta solidified. Or someone's put some adhesive around the rubbers when they've been installed and it's squeezed out. It's sticky, and string/stretches when pulled apart. I've got a Haynes manual, nothing mentioned about any sealant/adhesive.

Anyone able to confirm whether there's supposed to be any sealant/adhesive around these parts, and if so, what to replace it with? Gut feeling says to put the rubbers back in the air box and let the rubber form the seal, but I'd like to see if I can find confirmation of what is supposed to be there.

I've cleaned most of the gunk off of the rubber parts, but I'm linking to photo's of the parts I'm referring to, and what's left of the material:

My Google Photos Album

Any confirmation or suggestions would be welcomed.


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I've had a look on the csmnl website for your bike, and I cant see any indication of a seal or sealant for the joints. On all the bikes I've had similar parts off in the past, I've never found or used a sealant there, so I'm guessing a previous owner was just trying to be doubly sure of sealing

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