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Dt125lc mark 3 bogging and backfiring

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Hi there, I've been reading lots of posts on here hoping for some help but nothing seems to quite match, anyway...

1987 dt125lc mark3.  Was going pretty well, now when it starts up, usually first kick, there seems to be no throttle response except for a backfire. It idles very low, maybe 500rpm. If you slowly move the throttle you can get it to sit at 2000rpm but it still bogs on giving throttle. 

Randomly if you keep trying the throttle the symptoms seem to disappear.  Sometimes if you mess with the throttle cable it seems like it fixes the problem, but it usually comes back again. Very occasionally it will race and you have to shut it down.  When its having a good spell it goes great!

Things tried so far, crank seals, stator, carb rebuild, plug, also general rewiring including regulator/rectifier and all lighting. 

If anyone has any tips that would be great.


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Sounds like fuel flow to me. How is the float height and fuel flow. 

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I had the same issue with a bike I've just bought. It is a 4 stroke but was giving the same symptoms. Thinking it was carburation I bought a full set of needle and main jets. Before I pulled the carbs I replaced the plugs and removed, cleaned and replaced the leads. The bike fired up 2nd kick and I took it a run. Problem solved and it revs cleanly through the rev range.

So either a duff plug or loose lead solved it

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