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YBR 125 2015 - Fault Code 33 (Ignition Coil) & Brake Light Issue

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Hi all!

I recently bought a 2015 YBR to use daily.

It needed some work (a new engine which I already had due to a doaner bike & to fix the break light from being constantly on)

I recently had the engine swapped over and the bike fired up no problem (the brake light is still an issue)

Today I took off the rear brake switch and fitted the one from my doaner bike.

This did not fix the brake light issue but seems to have caused the bike to cut out and the engine warning light to come on (3 long flashes and 3 short flashes which is Fault Code 33 - Problem with Ignition Coil)

As I only swapped the rear brake switch I can’t see how this would have caused the bike to cut out and show the engine light but seeing as though this is the only thing I have done and happened just before it cut out I can only presume I have done something.

I have swapped the Ignition Coil which has had no affect. Both Ignition Coils show a continuity so I don’t think the ignition coil is the issue but maybe a wire leading to or from it.

As for the brake light, it constantly stays on even with both switches disconnected. I have swapped both front and rear brake switches with no luck. I have also swapped the bulbs which also had no affect. Due to the brake light being constantly on and both switches not being the issue I presume I may have a wire crossed or some other wiring fault.

Having looked at a wire diagram it looks as though the ignition coil and brake light switches are connected via the same wire so could these two issues be caused by the same issue?

Other things that I can think of that could be an issue are the stator or ECU.

I am far from an expert in this field and would class my self as a novice mechanic with very little knowledge and having potentially caused the issue I am reluctant to delve deeper incase I cause more damage.

Has anyone had a similar issue or could give any advice or at least point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance 


Ride Safe ?

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Fault codes on a bike?? .......... f8ck I'm old ................. and my bike too ?

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Probably better not asking the same question in different sections bud

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