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Digital conversion of old microfiche manuals

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Hey folks, I picked up a 1982 XJ service manual microfiche card and am going to have it digitized into a searchable PDF. Is there anyone else that has Microfiche that would like to have it converted? It will be more cost effective to do a set of cards instead of just 1 or 2. Attached is the microfiche card I'm sending off.  It is in great shape.

Here is the eBay seller a few hours away that's selling the cards, he has a bunch of models available for around $6 each. I will purchase the card and arrange for digital conversion for you. The PDF will be sent via email as soon as the conversion is completed and postal mail delivery of the card if you want it. Once I have a gauge as to the number of cards I can get a total per-card conversion price for everyone involved.




Let me know what year/model you are interested in getting a parts/service manual for and I'll put a list together. I have contacted the seller and awaiting to find out if he will entertain a bulk purchase of the cards he has. I also asked for a list of what types of cards and for which models if there is one. Easier to review that than a bunch of eBay listings.

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I have my microfiche but really bought it to justify the PDF I have in case anyone starts getting silly.


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I am buying the XJ lot from him and will have them converted. The 650/750 is a 2-card set. He may have XJ owners manuals too, waiting to find out what he has. If anyone else wants in, let me know by listing the series and/or model. He also has other makes available if you have an interest in other Japanese bike brands.

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