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DT 175 Exhaust

Aus Brett

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Hi All

The old girl is making noises, not the ones we want. My 1989 DT 175 exhaust is splitting in the first part of the seam, we have welded it up but experience tells me it will be a recurring job once we get to thgis stage.

My question is are there any reasonably priced replacement expansion chambers available for the DT. I commute on her and my son has just got his license on it so she does get some miles.

Thanks from Australia


PS thge 12v conversion has been faultless. 3000k so for good spark and good light.

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Hi again Brett

Exhausts seem to becoming a bit rare here in the UK too. However, I bought an exhaust repair front section from New Zealand!!!!

Musket mufflers do a repair front section for 78 to 81 and 84 to 2003. They also sell a rear muffler 78 to 2006.

All on page 2 of their catalogue (scroll down for the images). https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2202/5551/files/YAMAHA-mufflers.pdf?13346045109935610301

A friend went to NZ for a holiday and brought it back in his hand luggage! I welded it onto a good exhaust which had become rusted through on the U bend..

Worth checking them out.?

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PS. For those in the UK:

I did ask them if they have any European oulet for their exhausts, but sadly they don't.

The cost of shipment was too high hence it was an ideal opportunity when my mate said he was going to NZ for a holiday and the premesis was only 20 minutes away!


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