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1980 Yamaha RX125 fork oil

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Hi all I'm new YOC and this is my very first post. I am currently restoring my father's old Yamaha rx125 it's been in the family since new in 1980 but has sat in a garage for the last 12 years. I have just replaced the fork seals and I was hoping one of you fine gents could inform me as to the amount of oil in each leg and what the air gap should be, local bike shop said around 100mm air gap should be fine, I put 200mls in each leg then sucked out oil to 100mm while fully compressed but feels too stiff.d5e0c00a3200e86958fcb82b5dd70d6e.jpg

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Well if you have the correct amount of oil in the forks then it can only be the oil weight that makes a difference, if you used a standard 10 weigh then empty it out and use a 5 weight oil, if that's too soft then your into mixing half and half with 10W and 5W oil to get about 7 weight. Also remember if you have ridden anything bigger than this then the forks on little bikes can seem harsh just due to the fact that they weigh bugger all! Hope that helps? Just one more thing, if your going to stick around then please say hello in the "New members section", you get more feedback if your a regular visitor and not a one hit wonder, Just sayin!

Read this if you really want the low down on fork oil, it should really be graded in Centistokes.


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Welcome in,   if there stiff ,thers too much oil in,  it will blow the seals again ,  glad you removed the extra 100ml   ,  as the DT250/400 is only 185ml,  and are much larger,,,?

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