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Yamah xt350 top speed

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Hi all , I’ve just brought an xt350 one owner from new 12000 miles on the clock. ? 

I’m wondering what sort of top speed people are getting out of there xt350’s I can only get about 65 mpg tops on a flat and I thought it was a bit low ? 


I have given it a full service and compression is good, it seems a tiny bit underpowered for a 350 single to me , am I wrong ?

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Could be a restricted bike, around 92-94 for some reason they made them 17hp, good for around...… yep 65mph.

Not exactly sure how they did it but carb limiters and or blanked inlet rubbers seem favourite. 


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Hi, I've been doing some restriction hunting based on the pointers you gave me, I have had some luck...

1. Found a throttle limit screw - Stamped on it many times (while cursing) , launched it towards the bin !

2. Removed Carb Inlet Boots - look to be massively restricting as the inlet in the head is much bigger than the hole in the boot see link for pics on flickr

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]

3. Found some boots on ebay with no restricting tiny holes

4. Had a cup of tea and became smug ? 



This is the part where you tell me the bike will explode, burst into flames and destroy the whole of Oxfordshire, If I attempt to fit the new boots?



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Nope, its designed for 30bhp and 90mph and has restrictions with all the elegance of a kick in the nuts. Go for it. Keep an eye on the mixture as she may be down jetted.

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My xt600 2nf had these. German import 27hp.

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