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Another helmet review

Tommy xs
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I’m really happy with my AGV Compact it’s by far the best helmet I’ve ever owned which isn’t saying a lot as apart my first helmet back in the eighties I’ve got by with budget helmets, anyway I’ve been looking for a new helmet for my son as I’m taking him to IOM for classic TT and can’t bring myself to stick a Cheepo lid on him and also he’s same size as me which means I get another lid after IOM. So after a bit of research (google) I decided on a Scorpion Exo 510, first impressions it looks really well made the amount of features it  has compared to anything else in it’s price range is really impressive it has inflatable cheek pads for the perfect fit also cheek pads come with an emergency removal system so helmet can be removed easier in the event of an accident. All the vents are multi position and can be opened and closed while riding with gloves on, the interior tinted visor is 3 position height adjustable, outer visor is pin lock ready and the pin lock comes in the box, I haven’t fitted it yet but apparently it’s max vision so no edges to peer around like on my AGV. I went out for test ride today and was well impressed it’s much quieter than my AGV which isn’t really a fair comparison as that a flip front, there are probably quieter helmets out there but you’ll be hard pressed find one with the features this has for anywhere near the same money. 

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Reminds me of the old Rebook pumps! Video here of how it works if interested.


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