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NC500 Day 5 Lochinver to Kinlockewe

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set off from a damp Lochinver (overnight rain so not biggy) fist stop was a place called in Corrieshalloch Gorge Garve.

I had no real idea what we were going to but what an amazing place it take syour breath away when you first see it




looks like a canal


then we headed down to Poolewe where Mike fell off his bike. He blamed me for turning, but he just stopped and toppled over

afternoon tea at Achasheen


we headed off on an 8 mile diversion, which was well worth it as we ended up in Cove at the mouth of Loch ewe and one of the best preserved WW2 costal defence structures.







made it back to Kinlochewe and as it was a wednesday, England was playing in the semi's.


Unfortunatly they had no TV, but the proprietors kindly setup a laptop and large monitor for us and a bit illegal as they had no license. Bless, they even setup our tea in front of the TV so we could eat and watch and not miss the match





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17 hours ago, Tommy xs said:

Sorry still not worked out putting pics up https://imgur.com/gallery/aE8b3C2

you need the IMG tags either side. you'll see them to the right in IMGUR once your signed in and clicked on the picture.


All you did there is copy the top line, that's never going to work

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Yep Drew will be back to finish soon. I text him yesterday, he’s just out of hospital. I’ll let him tell you but it’s nothing to do with the trip. ?

hope you’re feeling better Drew see you soon 

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Aye, hes been under the knife,,,  big Kev"s dogs   are away with the leftovers,,,?

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I'm here but can only sit at computer for 10 mins tops, its takes longer to get the photos together.

I'll try tomorrow

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