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1965 YA6 125cc Fluids

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I'm confused,  there's three drain plugs and two fill holes that I can see. I assume one for clutch fluid and one for oil. 

Can anyone tell me what type and how much of each? And what's the third drain plug for?

Thanks for the help

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Hi Emmert

The three drain plugs are indeed one for the crankcase drain


item no 17 is the drain plug and its corresponding filler top plug is item no 18.

and the other for the transmission/clutch with item 15 being the drain plug and the filler cap being item 20


The third drain plug you mention is the actual drain FILTER plug, (item no 16) and is a seperate plug just with a drain screen fitted.

The YA6 (like most motorcycles) is a wet clutch model, potentialy there can be 'bits' floating about from clutch wear. Back in 65 Yamaha thought it worthwhile to incorporate a drain plug to empty the crankcase and another for a  filter screen, today it would be just one plug.


Yamaparts provide a free pdf for personal use of the YA6 engine service manual, just click on the book image and it will download. You need to go to yamaparts.com / 2013 /01 /engine service manual

its a bit dated but it might be of some help.


I didn't know this but the YA6  was the first model to feature the Yamaha's dramatic new AUTOLUBE system!. You  learn something new everyday.

(Autolube was the separation of the two stroke oil into it's own little tank.)


Member DirtyDT used to have one of these so he might be able to tell you what oil and capacities it uses but he doesn't often post these days.


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