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Tdm 900 buying advice


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Hi All,

My name is Peter and I have got a Vfr 750 for 5 years and I am in a process to have a look and possibly buy a 2002 TDM 900.

What are the things I should look out?

I do my own maintenance including valve clearance and almost everything on the bike.

Is the reg/rec a problem on this bike?

What about the cam chain tensioner? Is it durable and trusty part or needs changing every x miles?

I had a cbr600 and the tensioner on that was awful.

Apart from that I know the usual things to look out.

I am sorry if thia has been discussed many times, but I used the search button and nothing came up.

Thank you,


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Welcome to the forum.

The TDM900 is a very solid motorcycle and is well designed. It's EFI so doesn't have some of the fuelling issues of late 90s big Yamahas (The TDM850 is a bit mixed on this point).

Obviously the clearances need checking every 25,000 miles - it's not bad job though. The camchains are not an issue, unless big miles are covered, as with all large twins and singles they do stretch on bikes over 65,000miles.

If I was buying one (I have owned an 850, but not a 900, but have owned 7 post 2000 yams) I'd check suspension condition and function, exhaust condition and of course service record. The 900 benefits from a straight forward modification to cold-start system, i'd take look on carpe-tdm for more info on this mod.


All TDMs are brilliant motorcycles, the post 96 850s and later 900s with 270degree firing order are sublime.


Let us know how you get on.

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I have just finished with the looking.

Yes, front forks need oil changing, valve cleareances havent been checked the last 3 years, but that is a job I could do. Worth to sync the starter valves too and change the spark plugs too. I would go over the earth points and all of the connectors just to clean them.

Brakes does not stick but I would clean them again, to be sure they are good to go :)

The radiator on right hand side there is some paint missing. Outside pipes a bit dirty but nothing major rust.

Needs a throughout cleaning tbh, she still has got the original cans. Is the system stainless steel or steel? Starts first time no clunk strange noise or even smoke. Clutch cable is a bit rusty, but that is easy swap.

Reg/rec is a mosfet. Chain and sprocket fairly good condition. I tried the rock the bike back and forth while I was sitting on it, no movement or noise.

Rear shock could be cleaner, but does not dip too much. I sent mine from the vfr to a specialist I think worth the money to send this too.

She has got 3 pieces of givi panniers all for £1600.

I did not say a definite yes, but I am interested.

She has done 46000 miles.

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46k is nothing for these machine, peeps do 100k and so long as oil is changed regulary, you should be fine.


As said get on Carpe-TDM, lots of advice there and also  JBX site http://www.tdm-yamaha.890m.com/index.php

who is also a member of Carpe

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The steering lock on my 2002 900 jams and i am reluctant lock it.    I would like to replace the ignition switch but cant find one online at a reasonable price.  There are plenty for the 850 at reasonable prices but the 900  prices are horrendous.  need help.


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