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OK, it seems you can just upload photos and videos directly into your post via the attach paper clip at the bottom in full editor.

Let me know if it works for you?

seeing as the Photobucket has started to charge for 3rd party links, we can use Flikr to do the sAME.


Hopefully they won't follow Photobucket's business model, I took this from the 2 stroke forum, thanks to markhoopy64 

As Photobucket are charging for people to share photos from their albums from today I have been looking at Flikr as an alternative for members to use on the forum instead.

I know it's a pain having to use something new but once you get an account set up it all seems fairly easy to navigate so here goes with a step-by-step guide ..

Setting up and using Flickr for photo sharing to the forum

Go to www.flickr.com

Click either of the 'Sign Up' buttons


Fill out the 'Sign up' boxes and click 'Continue'


Click 'Send me an Account Key' to confirm your email address


Check your email account, enter the code you have been sent and click the 'Continue' button


On the next screen remove the tick before clicking 'Let's get started' so you don't get lots of junk email adverts sent to you


You can change your Flickr screen name to anything that hasn't already been taken, then click 'Next'


On the next screen click 'You' then 'Photostream' from the drop-down menu


Click 'Go to Camera Roll'


On the next screen you will see 'Select files to upload' but after only a couple of seconds you will be taken to a not-very-helpful Help video


Just click the 'Got it!' button to skip the video


On the next screen click 'Select files to upload'


Find the photo you want to upload and click 'Open' to add it to Flikr


You can also higlight and upload more than one pic at a time by doing this ..


After you click 'Open' you will see your pics are being uploaded


You now have pics uploaded
Click on the 'Photostream' button

You will now go to your Flickr Photostream - basically your photo library
I only have one pic uploaded at the moment but you will have more as you upload to your gallery [/b][/font][/font]


Click on the thumbnail that you want to share
You now get a larger image - click the 'Share' icon here


Of the Share options you are given you need to choose 'BBCode'
Now copy the blue highlighted code from the box


From trying different codes on the forum I have found that using the full code will display your pic but with some added information following the photo
If you are happy to post pics with the added info then add the full code to your forum post or comment, or to just display the pic and nothing else then you only need to use about the first half of the code as shown here ..


To upload more photos to Flikr click on this icon:


Then you can drag-and-drop or select from your computer etc on the next screen ..


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