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Engine flashing code 5-7 (5 slow flashes & 7 fast) Yam XVS Dragstar 650 A Classic

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Hi ladies & gents,  hope you're all well. I wonder if you can help me?! My engine light on my yam XVS Dragstar 650, keeps coming on and off, not just in one day, but it'll come on for a few hours then not for couple of days or more etc. Anyway today my friend and I were counting flashes while the bike was not running (obviously) and we counted 5 & 7. I can't seam to find anywhere what fault code could that be and I've been looking online and in my bike manual. I was wondering if it could by any chance be loose wire within regulator rectifier considering that we have discovered today, that make shift bracket that was created to hold this regulator rectifier, is cracked and its holding on for dear life.  (so no it's not original, therefore it was not possible to be fitted on the original holder...I bought it already like that) We only noticed it today because we started checking all the connections visible to the naked eye first. 

Anyway, I appreciate your time to read my post and I will be extremely grateful for any advice that you can throw my way. 

Thank you and Take care! Ira 

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Ok Ira here's what you do first. Fix the bracket any way you can either replace it or repair it. Then see if that fixes the problem, if not then all the known fault codes should be in the workshop manual if none of them match what your getting go to your local Yam dealer and ask one of the guys or girls there, they really don't mind if you ask nicely and are usually happy to help a fellow rider out. Just wondering tho if you have a non standard bracket what else is different from the norm on your bike?


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