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FZR600R Foxeye issue cuts out with the slightest throttle

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Hi All

I'm borderline desperate for som help and advice. 

I have a FZR600R Foxeye which I have had for a few years and has just been sitting in the garage. I've been trying to get it up and running for a few years but just havnt had a long enough period to spend some time on it. So I've dedicated a week to get it sorted. 

So here's the issue. I can start the bike and have to say it starts up fine every time. I leave it to idle and warm up for around 5-10 mins. And when I give it the slightest bit of throttle it cuts out. There are no drops in the revs. It just cuts out completely. Instrument panel stays lit but have to hit the starter button to fire it up again and does the same thing over and over again. And the same with the choke turned on. 

I've used easystart into the air box and the bike can run at higher revs but again if I give it a bit of throttle it cuts out. 

Taken the carbs off cleaned them countless time in case I missed some gunk deposits using car cleaner and compressed air. 

I read somewhere that seafoam could be a good option to clear the jets if that is what could be causing the issue do you think it's worth a try?

Valve clearances are well within tolerance (10k on the clock). Fresh Fuel, New Plugs, Checked Venting, checked for air leaks.

The slightest turn of the throttle and the engine cuts out.

Please any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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