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TDR125 project


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Hi all,

This is my tdr that I picked up for a fair price,

She was a runner but was crying out for a top end and a good clean up..

I'm hoping to have the bike finished by the summer of 2017.including a few choice mods such as a belgarda 4dl front wheel,usd forks,renthal bars,MT-03 headlight,trailtech Vapor computer,also I think I'd like to make it a darker shade of blue.

Here she is in her standard glory


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Yesterday evening i removed the end can to inspect the wadding fo which I discovered there was none.

I think I will go ahead and order some dep pipes packing (not the loose type)  although I've read up that the acousti fil sheets are quite good any input is valued.


For now though whilst I toy with what packing I was left with a very dirty exhaust can so I decided to break out the Polish.



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That's shiny mate well done.

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it was on the bike when i got it and at the moment the cost of cleaning it up is massively differnt from a Newen, on top of that I still have the standard restricted down pipe.so I think when the money is there I will get a custom romeu full system made up.


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3 hours ago, finnerz89 said:

I'm getting a romeu system for my DT emoji106.png

Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk

His work looks fantastic doesn't it

Its been a productive Sunday for me,

The powervalve was filthy and covered in carbon deposits, I think it's safe to assume it has never been serviced the seals looked like they could have been the original ones(1993).


I decided to again break out the spit and polish and give her a wee clean..

All new seal and o-ring from PJME to go on


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