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Stafford Show tomorrow

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Its tomoroow for me, looks to be the best day for weather. Not much on the shopping list this year, cant be much ive not got. On the list though, are knee sliders, PlusGas (if its still made), WD40, maybe a decent pair of short gloves, and anything that takes my fancy.

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Might take a ride down, have a nosey about!

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I was there , just home,,  got a proper seal puller,   and lots of fuel/oil line  

Lots of great race bikes displayed this year , :rolleyes:

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8 minutes ago, blackhat250 said:

Funny, this brought me flashbacks of Paul[  oldtimer]    :kissflowers:

yep, Paul had the F3. I remember him when he got his speeding ticket and was only in 1st gear (RIP Mate)

I really enjoyed the show this time, having no expectations (been going every year since 2006)








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