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Your Accident


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I must be the unluckiest bloke in the world coz I get these ppl phoning me up (mainly from India) about MY accident...............................................I LOVE IT!!!! I can't resist winding them up :)

I once kept one bloke on the phone for over half an hour due to the 'slight' language barrier :( He was 'as we all know' trying to convince me I'd had an accident. I asked him (amongst other nonsense questions) how much my claim was worth. He told me two grand. "Is that all". I asked. So he upped it to four grand, I mean it does pay to bargain, doesn't it! Eventually I addmitted to him that I had, had an accident. "But what ising the accident"? He asked, thinking he was onto a winner. In breif I told him that I'd shit meself. I really didn't think he'd carry on - but he did - by this time I was in tears for laughing so much. Again, I think it was a langauge problem, which was confirmed when he said "You Shitted. Where was it ?" By this time I was pratically doubled up with laughter. When I managed to reply I told him the reason why I shit myself was because I'd seen a ghost - The bastard hung up!!!!

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