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Rounded Oil Plug


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Just an update guys. I finally managed to get it off. After buying one of those multi size sockets with all the pins in that adjusts to the size of the nut and failing miserably I bought some of those sockets specifically for getting rounded bolts off. Inside they are spiralled similar to the rifling of a gun barrel.I got one that was just too small to fit on and then gently tapped it on with a hammer and it come straight off. Thanks for all the help, I got there in the end.

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I've come on leaps and bounds. I do all of my own basic maintenance now. At one point I couldn't even change my brake pads. A lot of it was having the confidence and of course advice from you guys has helped me a lot. It might take me a bit longer than a mechanic but it gives me something to do. I think my next task is going to be to fit some braided braided brake hoses now the weather is perking up. 

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