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Dtr 125 help

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Hi i have a 1990 yamaha dtr 125 rides and accelarates great but gets to about 70mph at about 8 -8500 rpm then will not go anywhere and the engine is absolutley screaming,ive looked behind the clocks for the 'reed switch' rev limiter? And there isnt one there also looked for the 'black wire with green stripe' to eath behind clocks and cannot locate this either do the 1990 models have a restricted cdi or any different restrictions? i have a full dep exhaust system on it any help would be much appreciated tried looking on dtr.net but it just redirects me to google pages thanks in advance guys

happy riding .danny

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Does yours have a powervalve engine. At that age it may have. Dt was a bit behind the tzr in the pv que.

Too old for any of the reed switch stupidity. Most of these have been destroyed by teenagers. There becoming classic.

If it is fitted with a pv barrel is there oil leaking from the left hand side?

I think i would consider upping the gearing one tooth on the front.

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Its has the powervalve with the 2 pulleys numbered 1 and 2 when i turn my ignition on i hear it rotating i believe this is a 'self clean' rotation or something there is no oil leaks from engine but when i bought the bike there was some oil dripping from where the exhaust meets the engine but once that was tightened the oil stopped this is my 2nd dtr i had one on an m reg a few years back and boy did that move struggles keeping the front wheel down 1st 2nd and 3rd clocking around 92mph with a pal in the car next to me any ideas on how to it to rev beyond 8500 rpm would be a great help cheers 


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