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Hello Guys and Girls

It’s time for another forum giveaway!

As spring is nearly upon us and more and more bikers are beginning to dust last summer’s dirt off their boots in anticipation, we began thinking about what gets bikers hot under the collar. We even spoke to some fellow biking enthusiasts about it.

As it turns out, there are many pet hates associated with riding a motorbike. From impolite driving etiquette to bad weather the list went on and on!

We’ve managed to narrow it down to Bikesure’s top 10 list of motorcyclists’ gripes: https://www.bikesure.co.uk/…/top-10-motorcyclist-pet-hates.…

Now, we all like to have a little moan from time to time, we’re British, it’s what we do best so here’s your chance to let us know what your top biking pet hates are, and be in with a chance of winning a prize! Please remember, this competition is about pet hates when riding, not when talking to your insurance company (we’ll save that for another competition).

Up for grabs is a pair of VIP tickets to the Prescott Bike Festival in April that Bikesure is very proud to be supporting. More info about the show can be found here; http://www.prescottbikefestival.co.uk/.

The VIP tickets include:

·         Entry to the show

·         A meal and refreshments

·         Access to the VIP viewing area to watch the action on track


All you need to do to enter is let us know your number 1 pet peeve about biking on Britain’s roads today. Please post your answers in the comments below for this thread. We will then pick 1 winner at random from all the participating forums.

Good luck.


1 entry per person only

The competition is open from 9am 1st March until 9am 31st March

1 winner will be selected at random from all entries from all participating forums and announced at the start of April 2016.

The winner will be contacted via PM on the forum. Should there be no reply after 7 days; a different winner will be selected.

UK residents only

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mines the poor state of the roads, especially on unfamiliar b roads where biking is best enjoyed.


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Inconsiderate other road users 

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Number 1?

Damn, I missed that and spent most of the day formulating my Top Ten... I'll have to start another thread!

I guess my No1 would be:
Overly bright or badly adjusted headlights - These not only fill my vision from behind, but blind me when oncoming. Doubly so when it's raining and my visor is covered in droplets. On an unlit country road at 50mph (yes, most people are at 70-80), it's mostly luck and guesswork that keeps me on the road and not buried in the front of something. 

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Glad its not just me Tm, with these new generation lights its only going to get worse, you know there is no maximum illumination level for headlights. Some are so bright they hurt, especially the projector types that seem to flicker unless your exactly within the projected beam.

Most dangerous part of driving I think, people are going to get killed by their own  'safe' headlights blinding oncoming traffic causing a head on.

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Headlights are my no.1 as well. I have exactly the same issues as you TM!

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Not really number one, but a lot of the other stuff is already on the site mentioned - one thing which has been annoying lately is large vehicles using hazard lights. Busses, coaches etc do this a lot. When they are in a queue it is confusing as I can often only see the right side of the vehicle and assume they are trying to pull out. Using hazard lights on a giant double decker bus seems a bit redundant. If you miss the huge bus, I doubt hazards are going to be of any use, just cause confusion.

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