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Yamaha Service Center - Clapham (Infinity)


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I went to this Yamaha Service Centre May this year as a number of people had recommended it and apparently it has been around for a while. Dropped my bike off at 8:30am. Staff were nice, helpful and rushed my bike through the service (at my request, hate getting trains!) and picked it up at 5pm.

After about 5 minutes I noticed the front end was bouncing quite a bit. I assumed this was due to the rubber bits that stick out of new tyres, until common sense kicked in and I realised tiny bits of rubber would not make my front end bounce. I stood up and looked at my front wheel (when it was safe of course) and noticed that it appeared to be bulging. When I finally got home I noticed it had not been fitted properly and had to reseat it myself. (which after paying £200+ for service and parts was not really ideal!) Not sure how dangerous it is to have the tire in this condition. I took a video and sent it to the service centre manager as it is difficult to demonstrate with a photo how badly it was bulging just because a small section of the tire bead was not against the rim. 

I know mistakes happen and I did ask them to rush it through. I suppose what I have learnt from this is always check over your bike after letting other people play with it so you can address problems straight away!

I guess many here service their own bikes but if you know of any reliable Yamaha specialists in London let me know

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Get a manual and learn how to do the servicing yourself man . It's much more satisfying , and £200 is a lot of money ! You could've done your bike Saturday morn and been out on the lash Saturday night with 200 bucks in your pocket and that warm glow of satisfaction after a job well done .

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More likely I would start Saturday morning, all the small 30 minute jobs would end up taking 3 hours each and then I'd be drunk lying in a pool of engine oil with pieces of my bike spread out around me. (kidding aside, I think I could service myself, but it would take longer, and also could affect the resale value? I suppose I could make my own stamp and put it in the manual :D)

But I think for me a happy medium would be to get the basic service, let them tell me what the issues are and then either fix them myself or go to a specialist as drewpy suggested.

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