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WD40 Motorcycle Total Wash

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Being a cheap Scotsman, and also in the planning stages of selling my ickle YBR, I decided that I wasn't going to shell out a crap load for washing my bike, (:

So, nipped over to Halfords, and got myself some WD40 Total Wash.

It's a spray bottle, and piss easy to use.

Coated the bike, waited a few minutes, sponged a few areas that were particularly grotty, then dumped a bucket of water over the bike.

It's sparkly clean now.

Now, just to apply a touch more ACF in certain areas that are beginning to show a touch of corrosion... [unrelated to cleaning]

Cheap Bastard seal of approval!

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could have done mine at the same time ;)

If you ever stuck for owt mate, just PM me I have tools and shit

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