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Sr125 1997


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I had the same issue with my boys XV535. I disconnected all wiring in the headlamp (taking plenty of phots for reassembly) and started stripping back the harness. Luckily I found the broken wire just where the loom goes through the headstock. A quick repair, some self amalgamating tape and away we went. Still good after 2 years

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Well guys its done......

Aside from finding decals im happy with for the tank its all finished. Sorted the electrics with a rewire. A couple of leaks sorted and a top tip for any newbies when setting valves clearances. As you will read, top dead centre must be found and on a four stroke that happens twice. When setting the valves you do it on the combustion stroke not the power stroke as i did yesterday. Fired up the bike and it sounded like a sewing machine. Did a bit of reading and felt stupid. Reset today and now sweet as a nut.

Ill post the link that i read that really helped me when i find it.

A BIG thankyou to all for your help and support. Who knows i may get another project but for now an MOT and im away. Who knows we may meet on a day out.

Stay safe and speak soon.

stay safe

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Hi guys. A little help please. Bike runnibg sweet as a nut but suffering a saggy and loose centre stand. Also foot brake not fully returning. When i looked underneath the centre stand spring top mount is bent downwards taking tension out of spring and fouling the footbrake return spring. Question is can i weld a new peg on there.

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