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(non motor) bike project!

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Hey there peeps.

Ive just picked up a bike for missus Foamy, although it isnt motorised which kind of sucks :(, quite a retro looking thing though, a "Raleigh Cascade" although wether it is 'classic' or not i have no idea



Basically over the next couple of months im gonna have it stripped down and tidied up in time to gift it to her for christmas, and whilst im fairly competant with most mechanical things ive never really worked on push irons before, and theres a few things im hoping someone on here will have done to their retro motors and can give me some advice.

Namely the handlebars, they just look gash!, the grips appear to have been some sort of white rubber self-amalgamating tape and are starting to peel off, i want to change them to something nice but still inkeeping with the look.


Also the seat looks original, seems fairly comfy (despite being built for people with no balls), but it is torn at the back and ideally i want it looking its best.


The white-wall tyres are perished, but im sure i can find replacements, im toying with the idea of fitting dynamo powered lights to it, although the fact that they do not work when stationary is a bit un-nerving.

either way its something to keep me occupied

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Stick a 2smoke chain saw motor on it :)

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Any chance you might know what year it may have been cobbled together? The bloke I bought it from seemed to think it's sometime in the 80s, but the paintwork looks too good to be that old.

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That takes me back to the sixties when I had a male equivalent bike. we used to sellotape an old woodbines fag packet to the front fork so it stuck through the spokes and made a clicking noise, the faster you went the more it sounded like a motorbike.

As Paul said, the dynamos were crap because every time you stopped the lights went out.

Those tapes on the handle bars were all the rage in the sixties but I used a black one very similar to the soft half of Velcro.

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Could always use hockey stick handgrip tape?

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Well I may have a fault in the plan, the missus is only 5ft5 and the bike has a 21 inch frame... It's a struggle for me to reach the ground when sat on the seat and I'm 5ft7.

We found a little kiddie trailer in the unit aswell and basically spent half an hour dicking about, my brother is playing the part of the overweight smoking baby.


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on an push bike, you don`t need to put your legs down if you are on the seat. the bike is a woman bike (the frame build) and will allow her to stop properly. when you are on the seat, you need to have a good position on the pedals. for you, in this video the seat is down, so, for her will be good or need to rise a bit the seat.

also you put the foot wrong on the pedals, in correct position you will need rise a lot more the seat

look on this, is easier than trying to read what I write :))

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